Painting Course

Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, and colour to a surface using different mediums such as various types of brush and airbrushes. Painting can be described as the act and result of action in art.

It is the passion and hobby of many people. There are many techniques used in art to do paintings.In the past people mostly made use of traditional techniques while nowadays modern methods are used. In the modern world, we rarely see such paintings where traditional techniques are applied and also the third age are not enough motivated to maintain their passion in painting as they do not get the opportunity to do so.

Thus, to help the third age people who have always had a soft spot for paintings, the University of the Third Age is providing the course on painting to encourage the third age to keep their passion alive.

They can even learn new techniques of painting from the youth and apply both techniques in their work. Using simultaneously the past and present methods, together, will definitely lead to splendid outcomes. Therefore, the third age can maintain their creativity and devote quality time to something that they love doing which is painting.