Health Course

Half a century ago, people used to lead a healthy life where the food was mostly home-made. Fast food was rarely eaten and eating snacks between meals didn’t really exist. Compared to the contemporary society the lifestyle of people has changed.

The number of obesity has rocketed. From the Health Statistics in Mauritius, 65.6 % (20-74 yrs) are obese and overweight, Diabetes 22.6%, Hypertension 37.9%, Elevated cholesterol levels 34.7 %, Syndrome Metabolic 36.8% and so on. People are eating food full of calories and they are not doing enough physical exercises to eliminate those extra fats. It is stated that 75% of men and 90% of women do not practice adequate physical activities. Due to the workaholic tendency and always wanting more money, no time is devoted to the gym.

Nowadays, many people are victims of deadly diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem and HIV/AID. There are many ways to remedy the situation. The youngsters can use some of the health tips from the third aged people to improve their health for example through yoga therapy. This is an old therapy which has been used by the old aged back in their times and which still does its wonders nowadays. Even the Ayurvedic and herbal medication is of great help. There are people who are allergic to chemical medication, so this knowledge must be imparted to the youngsters since many do not know its importance.

This is an asset to the U3AM as it will merge the third age experience with the youth experience. In the same breath, the third aged people will learn the modern health tips from the youngsters of the current era. In the past there were no such facilities for the old people to learn more about health issues but through the University of the Third Age this will be possible as they will get ample facilities to learn about the causes of these diseases, means of prevention and also about their remedies. As a result, the University will not only benefit the old aged people but will also be an advantage for the young ones.