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Pre-launching events – U3AM IT Class

The U3A Mauritius Classes have already begun!

The first U3AM class was about Information Technologies. This took place at AMITY Institute of Higher Education as pre-launching of the U3AM event. The director of AMITY, Dr Dhananjay Keskar, made an introduction to the senior citizens who were attending the class. After him, Professor Parsuramen gave some motivational words to the “students”.


The teacher, Mr. Pravin Selukoto Paupiah, who heads the department of Information technology at Amity Institute of Higher Education, started the class with the main parts of a computer, how to turn it on and how to use the mouse pointer. The first instruction given to the students was simple, not to be afraid of the computer. After this, he took his time to explain how to use the keyboard, the keys use, and by this way the teacher introduced their students to a helpful tool: Microsoft Word.

Every senior student was really motivated and in good moods to learn about this “new world” of IT!

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