Dietetics Course

Dietetics is referred to the knowledge concerned with diet and its effects on health, especially the practice of scientific-based nutrition. In the past people were having healthy diets as they were eating home-made food with less salt and fat.

But nowadays, fast food and processed food rule as people are too busy to prepare their food and completely neglect healthy diets; this has undoubtedly caused a negative impact on their health. More people are developing allergies and intolerances to certain food and food groups.

All these contribute to weight problems and in certain cases some serious health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. This is where dieticians come into action. People need to know how to take care of their health, especially the third age people who are more prone to health problems.

Therefore, the youth who have the knowledge and experience in dietetics can teach the third age about healthy diets and even the youth can learn about the importance of home-made food and healthy food.

This learning process is a two-way street. The third age can learn much on dietetics through the course provided by the University of the Third Age, which will definitely help them to stay healthy and combat diseases such as diabetes through healthy nutrition.