Art and Film Course

 Art and Film can be described as discovering the world through images and videos and it is known to be the passion of many. A lot of people have shown great interest in Art and Film and there have been invention of different equipments which helped them in the field to become more creative and share their works.

In the past, analogue equipment such as vinyl records, vintage film cameras, rickety typewriters and antiquated recording equipment were used by those who are now the third age people of our modern society.

Today, digital equipment such as HD cameras is used, which has somehow made the third age people’s knowledge and experience go dormant.

The 3rd Age do not get the opportunity to share their knowledge to others or learn new things but the University of the Third Age is the right platform for them to continue with their passion in Art and Film. Hence, to avoid the third age people’s knowledge go in vain in the modern world, they must be encouraged to share what they know with the younger generation and also to learn new things from the youth.

Analogue and digital methods, together, can produce even more creative results.  The third age people and the young people, together, can create outstanding outcomes in the Art and Film field.