Anjali Bungaleea

Anjali Bungaleea is a Psychologist in Mauritius, undergoing research in Psychology & Human Behavior (PhD-2012-2015). She has been teaching modules of Psychology, Counseling and Communication since year 2010, to date, as a freelance Lecturer at various Tertiary Institutions.

Anjali has written more than a dozen scientific articles in the local and South African press amongst: Psychology at work, Patterns of Personality, Dimensions of Perception, and Analysis of Educational Systems.

Her research interest includes Infancy through adolescence, neurological & emotional developmental landmarks.  She is passionate in devoting her spare time to daughter Dhyana, and the beach.

Content of Course Delivered at the U3AM by Anjali consist of the following:

  • Brief coverage of psychological theories (applications) and personal research works;
  • Help U3AM mature students to think critically about psychological phenomena throughout lifespan;
  • Arousing intellectual curiosity of how psychology can increase U3AM’s mature students’ understanding of the world around them.

For further information, or research work, she may be contacted at the following email ID: