Vision / Mission


“… Vision to create a University, which aid the growth of Third Age individuals in an all-encompassing manner and thus contribute positively towards the growth of the society…”



“…to make an individual a complete personality through the process of Ultimate Rehabilitation, a process that simultaneously encompasses the physical, psychological and social aspects of an individual’s existence in society…”



University of 3rd Age MAURITIUS has an objective to educate and encourage the retired and Old age Personals of the community – those in the third ‘age’ of life. U3AM aims to provide continuing education and support to persons aged fifty-five and above through courses of study in such academic and artistic disciplines as shall be required by them and to pursue and publish research both on general matters and into the various aspects of ageing.


What are the requirements of Third Age Individual?

“More Care, Support, someone to share their feelings and busy environment to get busy themselves with learning’s and sharing experiences”

 “…U3AM is the one stop solution for them…” 

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