Sports Course

From Etymology, “Sport” comes from the Old French “desport” which means leisure. It is thus a pleasant and interesting activity for each and everyone regardless of age, sex or status.

Sports can be defined as the forms of physical activity in which people participate to maintain or improve their physical ability and skills. There is a long list of sport activities among which some are badminton, volleyball, football, archery, flying disc sport, Golf, hunting, kite sports, cycling, running, walking and so on. It can be seen that sports activities are highly taken by the youth.

However, this doesn’t mean that the older generation is not interested in sports. There are people among the third age whose favorite hobby is sport but they do not get the opportunity to execute those sports activities and to learn new ones.

Hence, the University of the Third Age is providing them with such opportunities where they can spend more time on their favorite hobby and at the same time learn new sports appropriately. The third age will get experienced coaches who will teach them sports according to their age and health condition so as to avoid any kind of discomfort and help them to stay in good health. Participating in sport activities can also reduce stress which will be a plus point for those who still work.