Environment Course

The future of our country relies on a well-educated population and guardians of the environment that sustains humanity and its future generations. Environmental education is the right tool to help us as individuals make the complex associations between economic prosperity, societal benefits, environmental health, and our own well being. At the end of the day, the knowledge gained through environmental study, will be the most persuasive and successful approach for environmental management.

Environmental study is important to all human beings to understand environmental issues like global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect, air, water, pollution and so on. To be able to learn about the environmental subjects and how to protect the environment, the University of Third Age is coming forth to provide this particular course to the third age citizens. The old aged people will learn more about their environment not for any qualification but for their own discovery and making them aware of the current condition of the planet earth.

The environmental education will educate the old age people how to control environmental pollution and to use non-polluting renewable energy. Moreover they will learn about human activities and their effects on environment.  For example, due to human activities, the amount of CFCs gas has increased in the atmosphere which is depleting the ozone layer and in other countries due to emission of harmful gases, acid rain is destroying the ecosystem. Recently, in Mauritius the flash flood has caused a lot of disaster which is an outcome of global warming.

Through this course, the students will be able to put into practice the measures to protect the environment. They will know the significance of the International Environmental Day and eco-friendly products such as eco-friendly hand bags from the youngsters. The old age people can even impart their knowledge to the youth. For example, nowadays the farmers mainly use chemical fertilizers to increase the yields of their crops without taking into consideration the bad consequence, that is, many species are killed and the soil fertility is also reduced.

Here, the manual fertilizer: manure can be used. The youth and third age both can learn from each other of how to protect the environment. The University of Third Age is the right platform to learn as well as impart the knowledge.