Computer Science Course

Computer science forms part of Information Technology. Today it is vital for all people to be computer literate as we are living in a high technological era. Almost everybody has technological devices such as computer, laptop, IPad, mobile phones, digital cameras and so on.

In the past, there was less technological advancement compared to the 21st century, so, it is an opportunity for the third age people to learn IT and be acquainted to the new technology which is currently in vogue. They can take IT courses to improve their knowledge and to be up to date in the technological domain.

Through the course they will be able to learn about the basic use of computer at first, which is, how to start and shut down a computer, how to use Microsoft Office programs, how to surf on the internet and how to send e-mails and once this is done, they will proceed to the advance level.

It is necessary to be familiar with IT as there are many third aged people who have not yet retired, hence, they can take this course as it will be beneficial for them in their workplace as most of the tasks are being done using technology.

Thus, the youth who have experience about IT can inculcate their knowledge to the old ones through the University of the Third Age and this will certainly help them to enrich their knowledge about IT and also to make them aware of its side effects. We live in a global village, thus, to be computer literate can be very useful in our daily life.